Modeausstellung von Rafael Kouto

Toni Areal
ZT 5.K500 Kaskadenhalle

Rafael Kouto erlaubt uns, in eine Welt der nachhaltigen Mode zu tauchen. Während einer Woche kann man im Toni-Areal einige seiner aus Secondhandkleidung produzierten Kunststücke betrachten und mehr über Nachhaltigkeit in der Modebranche erfahren. Die 2017 gegründete Marke RAFAEL KOUTO fokussiert auf die Kreierung und das Upcycling von massenproduzierten Altkleidern zu Unikaten, die zu 100 % in der Schweiz hergestellt werden.


Founded in 2017, the brand RAFAEL KOUTO has a unique sustainable approach to fashion design and products. The main core is the customization and upcycling an individual curated selection of old textiles and garments from Texaid for the realisation of the couture and commercial collection, 100 % remade in Switzerland. The potential of the sustainable design and local production is giving a new value to the discarded materials as the main resource. The cultural background and business model is based on Kouto‘s own cultural origins mixed with the practice of upcycling, which is very common in Africa. The concept and the hybrid aesthetic, between Africa and the West are distinctive characteristics. The objective is to continue to develop creative upcycling techniques using old textiles and other waste materials, and to commence production on a larger scale. Kouto gives selected items of old clothing new value, whilst making a statement in favour of a more sustainable production system in fashion.