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visionenzusammenbauen - The Sustainable City is an Inclusive City - ROUNDTABLE

online roundtable with guests, among others:

– Abed Azizi, activist

– Azad Colemerg, activist

– Christoph Müller, architect, Baubüro in situ AG

– Maxim Theater Zurich

– Sam Mosimann, About Us! Zürich interkulturell

– Sebastian Hoffmann, architect, hoffmannfontana Architekturen GmbH

– Sonia Bischoff, activist

At the end of this week, we invite you to talk to the people behind the voices of the stories, discuss with us what makes an inclusive city, and compare our experiences of the tour.


During the whole week, you have the opportunity to listen to stories and inputs which will take you to places that are crucial for refugees. By doing so, you will learn why we think that a sustainable city is only sustainable if it is also inclusive. 

On our own, but also connected with each other through this summarizing roundtable, we will explore Zurich's places and projects that work for an architecture of inclusion. 


More information (The roundtable is mainly in german, with english translations if needed)

Link to the event on Facebook

AGN / Architecture for Refugees Schweiz


Architecture for Refugees Schweiz / AGN